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Prophetess Santos, is an given vessel of God.
she is so amazing at what she does. i have been in out of bussiness for 3 years. I was very stressed without hope. my self steem was very low; but i wanted a bussiness!  after been coached by prophetess, I develop my own bussiness and selfsteem.
Thank you Prophetess
God bless your Ministry.
Christy Simpson

name: Ramesh Babu Y


comment: My Dearest beloved Brother,
Greetings in the Almighty name of Our Lord,

I am Bro.Y Ramesh Babu from Andhra Pradesh, India. I belong to costal Area in Andhra Pradesh. First of all I want to share my testimony briefly.

My Testimony:
My Name is Y Ramesh Babu, My father name is Yesobu and my mother name is Kristu Kumari. We are belongs to Karumuru village which is located to costal area in Andhra Pradesh, India. After my parents Marriage there is no children's in their life. After 7 years my mother went to church, asked Jesus about childrens, Lord give me at-least one child and I will give that child to your service. My Mother promise like Hanna (Samuel's Mother). God heard my mother Prayers and given me. I studied upto B.Tech(Batchlor of Technology). After that I pray for my future. God told me "My Son Serve my name in "Hyderabad". Based on God's Word I went to Hyderabad,In Hyderabad many Hindus are there. In Those days I have only one pair of cloths, one bag and one Bible. I started my Gospel Service on 1999 with two people. I faced plenty of problems in many areas. But I believe on Jesus, because He is Trusted God. I go to many places for preaching the God's Good News. Presently i
conducted worship in three different places.
On my starting days I do prayers more and more, the result of my prayers, god gave me healing power and preaching strength. Then I went to many places for preaching the God Good News. One day I saw a seen, then I was started Children's home. My thought and vision is "Give them one opportunity they will grow in right way".If i have more funding then i will find brillient students in the schools around my place who haven't money for further studies, we will take them and provide free education.If you send something that will useful for at least one children. I want to explain one by one clearly.

Children's Home:
I started Orphan's home 2001 onwards, we started 7 children's. Still we have 24 children's. We are provided only food and education only. We didn't provide cloths and other things. We haven't sufficient funds. This is depending on faith and church offerings. if you save something and send in every month or yearly once then at lease one children will grow. I am going to gospel meetings daily and also working, some persons are give offerings; I can add those offerings, as children's home needs. But we can face many problems lack of insufficient funds. If you can support for my children's home please send some support in either way(i.e sending your personal check or sending cloths, books)involve into my children's service.

Widows Home:
I can started widows home also based on the scripptura James 1-27. Basically more members are in our church members. They haven't getting food from their relatives. They are bother about their future. So we can take care of their future( especially for food). I gave some money every month. Presently in our concern 12 widows are there. Please pray and help for them. if you can support blankets or any support for them.

Gospel Meetings:
In Every year we conduct gospel meetings in different places. Please pray for my gospel meetings those are conducted with prayerfully as well as we invest lot of amount for saving new souls. We are going every weak to every street in our own town and preaching the God's Good news. Not only preaching but also we can distribute Bible tracks at Railway stations, Bus stand, and main centers. The result of my street gospel many people know about Jesus Christ and some people accept Jesus as his Own Saviour. Praise The Lord we are always invite to visit my place and participated our Gospel crusades. If you can interest to come to my place I always invite you. Please pray for us, don't forget me in your daily prayers.
Thanks for reading my mail and spend more time for us. Presently we are paying some bill to the hospital because our 5 children's are admitted in hospital. Please pray for their health. Here viral fever is attacked, the name is Chicken Gunya. The symptoms are body pains, joint pains and continuous high fever. So please pray for us and send some help. Here we are facing problems; I need your help urgently.

I am waiting for your precious Reply. Here my all children's are sending their Kisses and hugs to you. I am inviting you to visit my orphan's home at any time. If you can interest to involve my ministry please send your support to my postal address.
With God's Love,
Bro Y Ramesh Babu.

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